Brochure Design – Brand Marketing – Brand Guidelines


Think strategically before acting creatively.

Visual Intelligence means that everything we do contributes to delivering the right messages, building strong brands, and managing their equity. From direct response, brochure design, and sales collateral to point-of-sale, promotion, and trade show displays, the brand marketing power of our clients’ printed communications leverage their brands in ways that create action, are meaningful, and drive their business objectives.

It’s been said, “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” The brand is a constellation of values that go beyond the physical attributes of the product, service, or organization. It includes goodwill, perceptions, credibility, and trust in establishing a relationship with customers and users alike. The principles of branding are universal across virtually every business enterprise.

Marketing is what a company or an organization is in business to do and should be considered its ultimate objective. Marketing is about building a brand in the mind of the customer or user [or both]. Everything an organization does contributes to [or distracts from] the brand-building process. This includes the logo, visual identity, collateral materials, advertising, packaging, exhibit displays, signage, web site, public relations, product development, customer service, etc. It can even include, for example, how the phones are answered.

Yet some may say that building brands and crafting brand guidelines can be boring work—if you consider being consistent boring work. What always works best is delivering absolute consistency over long periods of time and never deviating from your own constellation of values in the minds of your customers or consumers. Inconsistency leads to the dilution of your brand, your message, and everything you stand for. Suddenly, finding your constellation among the millions of stars out there becomes more and more difficult. As brand focus fades, so do your customers’ attention and loyalty.