Branding & Packaging – Visual Identity Design Agency

What makes Catapult Strategic Design different? It’s our deep experience and ability to enable our clients to think strategically and act tactically in ways that move them forward—to help our clients guide their own customers to meet their needs, solve their concerns, or fulfill their desires. There are no partner initials to remember. No egos on our door. Just a company name that clearly describes what we do best for our clients.

The basis of our approach is to think and act strategically. This is accomplished by leveraging Catapult’s proprietary process, Visual Intelligence™—a marketing approach that begins with understanding, developing, and implementing your brand’s positioning. It’s about being analytical before thinking you can be creative. It’s about developing creative solutions that have a concept, and therefore have meaning and are remarkable.

Everything we do for our clients disseminates from an established brand strategy. This helps them communicate in compelling ways with their own customers. Whether you’re a small start-up firm or a large enterprise, we clearly understand that intelligent, strategic thinking drives great design.


This is a business philosophy that transcends our client relationships through to our employees—to those we hire and the business environment we’ve cultivated here. Our designers, art directors, and project managers understand brand positioning. They know how to evaluate the implications of a marketing plan; to be able to think analytically, not just creatively. In other words, they know how to think with both sides of their brains.

To you, this means we understand how to translate your critical marketing issues into marketing communications that are memorable, compelling, and drive your objectives. It’s what makes our work stand out. From brand identity, collateral, advertising, and packaging to point of sale, environmental signage, and websites, we know how to build enduring brands.