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Environmental & Wayfinding Signage


Think strategically before acting creatively.

Visual Intelligence points our clients in the proper direction with superb environmental graphic design—a three-dimensional expression of their brands’ personality and a sense of being in the right place at the right time. Whether it’s wayfinding and circulation signage to monument signage design, our ability to open doors and add value to the exterior or interior of any venue is a potent Catapult discipline and offering.

Virtual spaces, wayfinding, navigation, environmental design, spatial orientation, or cognitive maps, the proper planning and execution of exterior and interior signage can reinforce the brand and the brand experience by subtle, but powerful means.

For example, wayfinding is one discipline of environmental signage design that is so much more than providing directional signs. It’s a succession of clues comprising visual, audible, and tactile elements. The components of any wayfinding system encompass architecture, lighting, landscape, and landmarks. Well-planned and designed wayfinding helps users experience an environment in a positive way and facilitates getting from point A to point B. It can reassure users and create a welcoming environment, and even answer questions before users ask them.

However, too much information can be as ineffective as too little. Developing a hierarchy of information is a critical component of wayfinding with users being the primary consideration. The speed, visual environment, and distance from which the information is viewed are key factors in selecting colors, graphics, and typography.

Environmental design, signage, and wayfinding are valuable brand-building elements—whether they’re used for corporate offices, a retail location, a museum, a park, or simply reviewing an apartment complex’s site map from the window of your car and then finding the building and unit number with ease.

In the end, effective wayfinding signage programs are a lot like a well-officiated sporting event. They’re required to direct, guide, and even reinforce meaning. Yet if they’re the subject of discussion, they likely failed to perform well.