Is your branding remarkable or vanilla?
What does your brand mean to customers?
Is your brand or your customer the hero?

We understand these are tough questions. Our Branding Agency has a proven process that guides you to the right answers. Answers that drive more sales, increase profits, and see more customer engagement using simple marketing and design solutions. It’s how we’ve been transforming businesses into remarkable brands for more than two decades. Let’s begin building yours. P.S. Scroll down for answers to the three questions above.

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City of Phoenix

The city of Phoenix brand is among the first and arguably one of the most popular city logos in the US. Considered one of Catapult’s most ubiquitous identities, the brand is seen on hundreds of City communications—from business cards and police cars to city welcome signs and collateral materials—each designed and included in a comprehensive graphic standards book.

Shamrock Farms

Shamrock saw a market opportunity to introduce an entirely new package to replace the aging paperboard carton. The need stemmed from the declining sales voluming they saw in the dairy category. Shamrock’s mmmmilk packaging demonstrates that even with a commodity like milk, intelligent and creative design drives sale volume and revenues.

Harvest Snaps

Calbee America sought to rebrand and reposition its stagnant Snapea Crisps product line consisting of just 4 SKUs. Calbee increased its retail business 500% in the first three years since the introduction of this new brand, packaging, and products totaling some 30 SKUs of products. The new name, Harvest Snaps, now serves as the overarching brand name.

What Can Catapult Do For Your Brand?

We Lead You to Big Results

You are a leader who wants to move your business forward in bigger and better ways. Catapult is the brand agency and marketing firm that delivers the right results. We combine strategic thinking, creative execution, and management tools to build powerful, compelling, and profitable brands for our clients.

We help your brand become the identity of the solutions your customer needs. Your brand becomes the answer to having their needs met, their desires fulfilled, or their concerns resolved.

Your brand will become stronger, more recognizable, and far reaching by engaging with more customers.

Moving Brands Forward Since 1999

Catapult is the branding agency that delivers strategic thinking, creative execution, and management tools to build remarkable, compelling, and profitable brands.

Our Visual IntelligenceTM process is a proven approach to planning and executing projects of any size. It begins with you. Our goal is to understand, develop, and implement your brand and how you want your customers to perceive you. We focus on being analytical before being creative, on creating enduring designs that mean something.

We know that intelligent, strategic thinking drives great design, and that great design can make your business stand out. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large enterprise, Catapult Strategic Design is the best branding agency for the job.

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Are You Ready To Catapult Your Brand Forward?

Is your brand remarkable or is it just like everyone else’s?

If your brand and your marketing efforts are unremarkable, they are also forgettable. We’re guessing your product or service is fantastic and provides incredible value. Yet, perhaps you don’t stand out from your competitors. Catapult Strategic Design can help. See how we’ve helped other brands thrive.

Is your brand consistent?

Strong brands are focused and deliver a clear, singular user benefit. Powerful brands are preemptive, compelling, and enduring. Brands that try to be all things to all people ultimately mean nothing to anyone. Request Your Free Brand Audit

Who is the real hero, your brand or your customer?

Your customer is always the hero. Your brand should provide empathy and instill authority to guide them with a proven plan that meets your customers’ needs or solves their problems. We can improve how your brand is positioned in the minds of your customers, help them avoid failure, and move them to want to be associated with your brand, thus making your customer a hero in their own story.