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We help you think strategically before acting creatively. Visual Intelligence transforms your business into a remarkable brand, generating long-term value.


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Moving Brands Forward Since 1999

If you are a decision-maker who wants to move your business forward, Catapult is the branding and marketing firm that delivers strategic thinking, creative execution, and management tools to build remarkable, compelling, and profitable brands.

As a strategic design company, we offer brand development and visual identity services that will move your brand forward. Our Visual IntelligenceTM process is a strategic, collaborative approach to planning and execution—one that begins with understanding, developing, and implementing your brand position and how you want your customers to perceive you. This is perceptual engineering that focuses on being analytical before being creative. It’s about creating design that has concept, and therefore has meaning and is enduring.

Everything we do for our clients disseminates from an established brand strategy. Whether you’re a small start-up firm or a large enterprise, we clearly understand that intelligent, strategic thinking drives great design.

It’s a business philosophy that reflects our client relationships to our employees—those we hire and the business environment we’ve cultivated. Our designers, art directors, and project managers understand the power of effective branding. They know how to evaluate the implications of a marketing plan—to be able to think analytically and not just creatively. In other words, they know how to think and execute with both sides of their brains.

To you, this means we understand how to translate your critical marketing issues into marketing communications that are memorable, compelling, and drive your business objectives. It’s what makes our client’s work stand out. From logos and brand identity, collateral, advertising, and packaging to point-of-sale materials, signage & environmental design, and new media, we know how to build brands.