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Our web design services entail thinking strategically before acting creatively.

Catapult’s website services include visual Intelligence means websites that work really well are sites that do what you want them to do and visitors feel like they belong there. Exploring, gathering, and buying begin with leveraging the right keywords with the right design content. Our clients’ sites website layouts beckon viewers to discover what lies beyond the homepage—to open the door and invite them inside in ways that avoid confusion and frustration, and instead inform, entertain, and lead to purchase.

This is why the best websites are “all about me” and not “all about you.” Sure it’s okay to have content under the navigation button, About the Company, but remember, “I’m not there on your site for you. I’m there for me.” It’s a user experience, not a provider experience.

Here’s one example of making “it all about me.” You find the backpacking tent of your dreams and enter the shopping cart for the first time on your new, favorite outdoor products’ site. Before your purchase it demands you set up an account that subsequently requires you to receive an email confirming your new account and the message, “Receiving a verification email could take up to 10 minutes.” I might have to wait 10 minutes to give you my money? I don’t think so. The “it’s all about me” site instead offers me the option to immediately check out as a guest. Sure, you may have lost an opportunity to gather some additional valuable intelligence, but you’ve now gained a customer who is more willing to set up an account during their next visit to purchase a lightweight sleeping bag.

For some customers, your professional website may be the only user touch point for your brand. The rules of consistency, hierarchy of communications, and simplicity and clarity here are no less important. How you leverage established brand graphics, photography, colors, and typography will either attract and pull in users or push them away and send them packing for some other site that makes “it all about me.”